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It’s been a long time.

Monday, March 28th, 2022

Part of the problem with being unemployed is to stay motivated. It’s also easier to get depressed and stop doing the things you do. After my…well…it’s a large number of resume submits and ignores; it quickly turned into “why bother?” The so called worker shortage is nothing more then a shortage of 20 somethings. It’s easier to complain as you can see. Don’t want to do that anymore.

I decided to get back into things and re-discover some old. The facebook thing was never resolved. Could not get any support from them. They simply just don’t care so I started a new account and found I really wasn’t motivated for it. I have yet to fill out the profile and do pictures. I will get around to it when I update my linkedin. Linkedin does offer an interesting question. If ageism is freely practiced, does it make sense to install a picture? Anyway.

I did get some advice on returning to something. I played D&D a long time ago. Before the rules had level numbers. I was chatting with a guy on another game and after hearing my stories and my talking about my finest dungeon design; he suggested I return and look into hosting games. It seems most players these days simply want to play and not be a dungeon master. Possibilities? I did pick up a few of the rule books as things really changed. Who would have thought 10 foot poles would be a thing.

I am still looking at Python. I was studying for an exam and let it drop. I am going to pick that up again and then see about the professional exam.

I do need to pick up on the cloud stuff again. It’s easy to get rusty.

Anyway a post to get started again.


Facebook Account taken over

Friday, February 19th, 2021

I recently lost my facebook account. I was suprised at Facebooks security response. It doesn’t exist.

There is the password change email message which could have saved my account. If you miss that, you are doomed as the link has a limited life span.

Don’t bother with the suggestions for handling a hacked account. They only work if the attacker doesn’t change anything. Just about all of them understand to change the email and the recovery options. Once that happens; their tools fail BADLY. If you go through the process you will end up with a message of we have no way to verify it’s you and it ends.

I am not sure why they think the personal accounts have no value. Example; I have been pondering setting up a business. Why would I use the Facebook business accounts if my own personal account is ignored?

I have tried contacting them several times. I filed reports. I even reached out to an ex-coworker. Nothing. No response.

One fascinating thing is they will respond to the community board posts. I replied to one guy who was complaining. It was deleted. I posted my own story and asked for help. It was deleted.

I did see a few of their people respond they take security seriously. The problem? They really don’t.

I haven’t given up yet. I would hate to loose what I had. So far it’s not looking good as I think FB is needed and they…..well….really don’t seem to care about it.

Use water to clean an iWatch?

Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

I have an iWatch version 2. Overtime; the digital crown became stiff and I really had to press hard to bring up the screen.

The question was how to clean it?

I checked the supportnotes and the direction was to hold it on a stream of water. Kind of a surprise considering it’s a computer.

I shut off the iWatch and at the sink; enabled a tiny stream of lukewarm water. I made sure only the digital crown was under the water. The iWatch was watch face up and the digital crown was pointing downward at a 45 degree or so angle (I didn’t measure).

I gently turned the digital crown. It slowly loosened. However, it was still kind of rough. The technote said for on 10-15 seconds. I decided to continue (roughly 30 seconds). At one point; it felt like it like a blockage had been removed and the digital crown turned like it did when it was new.

I used a lint free cloth to dry the iWatch and even let it sit for a little while.

I powered it up and everything was fine.

Job Hunt Tip: Watch for depression

Thursday, May 14th, 2020

It’s easy to get discouraged especially with Covid killing opportunities. Personally; I am up to five jobs being closed due to Covid.

Get outside! Finish the “honeydo” list (if you have one). Learn something new.

I am currently working towards Azure certification, Python, Linux certification and re-acquainting myself with Powershell and leaning gethub.

Do re-read areas you know. It’s easy to forget things when you are not using them. I have even had instances were I would get a textbook question and I could see the console screen in my head and I could not remember the options.

Also, pick something new! Variety helps keep the mind fresh. It’s easy to get lazy on reading and training especially when you are job hunting.

I am cooking more. Going to do each recipe in one of Jet Tila’s books. He is a cool guy. Even answered a question I sent him!

I am also taking up Nordic Runes. Did the binge on the Vikings series and became a interested. We shall see how that goes. Wonder if their is a rune layout 😀

Do stay engaged and watch for depression sneaking in. Keep at it and eventually something will appear.

iWatch 6.2 “An error occurred…”

Friday, March 27th, 2020

I wanted to upgrade my iWatch to 6.2. It did the download and the verify and yet when it came time to install; it would error off with the nondescript “An error occurred while…..”

I checked the space and the network connections and everything was fine. While checking the settings on the watch; I happened on the System Update and decided to click “install” It did a quick verify and the installation began. Of course it needed to have power. Strange…..

Get-EventLog does not display retention dates

Monday, December 16th, 2019

A simple issue of trying to print the retention days for the logfiles.

The problem is the date does not print with the standard output column name.

You have to use the property MinimumRetentionDays

Lesson of the day? Always use the GM option.

Disney+ fails to protect accounts

Sunday, November 17th, 2019

It seems Disney failed to protect peoples accounts.

When it rains…….

Disney Plus failed on it’s opening.

Saturday, November 16th, 2019

I have a thing about streaming services. I really don’t like everybody having their own. People like shows from different producers and now we have to have “Yet Another Streaming Service (YASS)” to see a show which we find interesting.

Such was the case for Disney. Marvel and Star Wars. I was not happy but was willing to give it a try.

For a company with the amount of income; they really gave a bad opening for the new service.

We kept seeing timeout resets and screen pauses while audio continued. Disney reps stated they underestimated! Really; with what you have you underestimated? There is no reason they can’t overestimate on the venue.

I stream through my Sony Playstation. I read many other complaints and issues. Disney response was it’s the Playstation. How is this possible if Netflix and Amazon do not have these issues?

After a couple days, two updates and the assumption of resources added; it’s gotten a little better. The pause resets aren’t as frequent.

Oh! One thing? The Mandalorian seems like it will be good.

iWatch upgrade to 6.1

Friday, November 1st, 2019

I have a series 2 iWatch and learned 6.1 was out. Apple reported it would run on series 2.

When I tried to upgrade; it kept timing out and reporting there was no wireless network.

Usual diagnostics didn’t work. I power cycled the iPhone and iWatch. It worked for a little bit and then the same problem.

The upgrade process requires the iWatch to be on a charger. This is only for the actual install phase. I decided to leave the iPhone and iWatch with the wireless router over night.

The next day I found the download had completed and of course it would not install since it was not on the charger.

After the iWatch was on the charger; the install ran for about an hour.

iWatch now has 6.1.

Airpods and a moment of weakness

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

As previously mentioned in another post; a layoff can make for change. I decided I needed to become more of a mobile worker. Thus, a new iPad, iPhone and figured why not for the airpods.

Normally, I avoid first releases and I no longer chase everything Apple. The second generation airpods seemed interesting.

I like the wireless charge ability and thought it was interesting the case can serve as a backup battery. They are easy to wear though I can see them falling out for serious activities. Sound wise they are good and noise cancellation was just about right. Lessons surrounding noises and still allow for someone to get your attention.

I like they were easy to install and have the ability to pause youtube on removal and change the sound over when you insert one.

The bad thing? Remember the joke ad where the dancing shadow figures would loose one and then repeatedly buy a new one? I lost one in under a month!!!!

For a simple cost of 75$ (shipping and tax), you can purchase a replacement. I wonder how much money Apple has made with this ability.

If you happen to loose one, don’t use the genius bar. You have to schedule an appointment, spend time while they verify you own it and then maybe they have replacements. I got annoyed by the fact I was looking at appointments; walked over to check a wall calendar for my kids activities; walked back and the appointments were full for the day.

I called the help line, waited about 45 minutes and after about 20 minutes; a new one was ordered.

Oh well at least I have both again…..