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Use water to clean an iWatch?

Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

I have an iWatch version 2. Overtime; the digital crown became stiff and I really had to press hard to bring up the screen.

The question was how to clean it?

I checked the supportnotes and the direction was to hold it on a stream of water. Kind of a surprise considering it’s a computer.

I shut off the iWatch and at the sink; enabled a tiny stream of lukewarm water. I made sure only the digital crown was under the water. The iWatch was watch face up and the digital crown was pointing downward at a 45 degree or so angle (I didn’t measure).

I gently turned the digital crown. It slowly loosened. However, it was still kind of rough. The technote said for on 10-15 seconds. I decided to continue (roughly 30 seconds). At one point; it felt like it like a blockage had been removed and the digital crown turned like it did when it was new.

I used a lint free cloth to dry the iWatch and even let it sit for a little while.

I powered it up and everything was fine.


iWatch upgrade to 6.1

Friday, November 1st, 2019

I have a series 2 iWatch and learned 6.1 was out. Apple reported it would run on series 2.

When I tried to upgrade; it kept timing out and reporting there was no wireless network.

Usual diagnostics didn’t work. I power cycled the iPhone and iWatch. It worked for a little bit and then the same problem.

The upgrade process requires the iWatch to be on a charger. This is only for the actual install phase. I decided to leave the iPhone and iWatch with the wireless router over night.

The next day I found the download had completed and of course it would not install since it was not on the charger.

After the iWatch was on the charger; the install ran for about an hour.

iWatch now has 6.1.