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BSOD goes away before I can read it

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

A windows virtual machine goes bad and gives the terrible Blue Screen of Death. The problem is it goes away before you can read it.

What is interesting is the way many people can overlook a simple solution for getting this information. There are many articles about what to do to slow down the boot process, capturing error messages through many steps, etc., etc.

If it was a physical host, it makes sense.  However, with a virtual machine and using the host console (in this case VMware); there is a simple way.

Watch the system go through the reboot and attempt to load. When the BSOD appears, take a screen capture.



Wordpad can’t get rid of double line spacing

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

I was building a “quick and dirty” report and found in some cases, I would get a double line spacing with a carriage return.

I tried many things but I could not get rid of this “feature.”

Google showed an old entry which explained how to fix it.

Select all lines on your page which have this problem (I did a select all)

On the toolbar, look in the Paragraph section.  There you will see a button with both up and down arrows on the left side of a paragraph.  Click it.

There you will see Add 10pt spacing after paragraphs. Deselect that and you will see your selection return to single line spacing.