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Mac touch pad keeps selecting everything

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Nothing is more frustrating then a strange computer problem at the wrong time. Is there ever a right time?

Such was the case of a Macbook. The user complained the touch pad was messed up.  It kept trying to select everything and she could not close any windows.

A force quit and a reboot did not solve the problem. She was pretty good about patching the OS so the idea of a bad patch was considered but nothing obvious showed up on a Google search. Time to consider the nonobvious.

The villain?………the wireless mouse!

It was in a carry bag and at one point the user needed something from the bag. She placed the bag in a spot which put the mouse in range of the laptop. Stuff shifted and something pressed a mouse button!

Once the mouse was retrieved; the problem stopped!

Good tech but can cause an unexpected “feature.”