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Windows Certification time

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

I dragged my feet for years on renewing MCSE. I wondered if it was really worth it? I have several training books and certification books which for all purposes are taking shelf space and gather dust.

I did ask around and found there are two basic arguments.

1) The main argument for getting MCSE for windows 2003 is HR and resume filtering. HR departments tend to be behind or simply don’t understand the IT field. Therefore, they look for catch phrases such as MSCE. It is also the last instance of Microsoft Certified Server Engineer.

The HR resume filtering argument is something to consider if you are starting your career.

If you like having the engineer label and it’s good for you to have a constant line of OS certs on your resume then by all means, get it.  Especially, if you are not worried about the cost and can pass it pretty quickly.

I am told however, the 2003 tests will retire this July.

2) The main argument against is the simple fact it’s old.  People are converting to 2008 so why bother?

A very valid consideration.  Especially, if you see your 2003 installs disappearing.  I learned long ago there is little value for being a master of a dead or dying Operating system.

Get an idea for how much 2003 is being used. Microsoft will keep the tests and certification around if the base is large. They tend to start retiring the tests and certifications about 10 or so years after the certification is introduced.

I am not concerned about 2003 anymore. I passed on obtaining the windows 2000 MSCE and found people weren’t bothered.  Probably, because I had converted a company from NT domains to Active Directory.

I have decided to “trail blaze” and go after the new certs for 2012.  Training material is limited and at this point in time. I have only found items for installing server 2012.

Some useful pages:

2008 or 2012







Add a new product key to Windows 8 or Server 2012

Friday, March 15th, 2013

I had a request to add a purchased product key to a server running a trial version of server 2012.  We are still learning the new layout so of course the question was how?

A quick check found we could change it via a GUI.  There is the command line; but, I wanted to use the GUI.

To change the license simply enter:

slui 3

This will bring up the following window:


Simply cut and paste the new license, click Activate and the change will happen.

Java 0-day exploit counter

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

With the endless java vulnerability announcements; new sites and jokes have appeared.

Best joke I have heard “Just Another Vulnerability Announcement”

A nice little site which watches vulnerabilities and keeps a counter of days since last announcement is

End of life for Windows XP

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

People ask from time to time “When is Microsoft ending support for XP?”

They did announce end of life and then extended it.

Current date is 4/18/14.

People tend to be slow to migrate off and if there are enough people still using it, they will probably extend it.