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It’s been a long time.

Monday, March 28th, 2022

Part of the problem with being unemployed is to stay motivated. It’s also easier to get depressed and stop doing the things you do. After my…well…it’s a large number of resume submits and ignores; it quickly turned into “why bother?” The so called worker shortage is nothing more then a shortage of 20 somethings. It’s easier to complain as you can see. Don’t want to do that anymore.

I decided to get back into things and re-discover some old. The facebook thing was never resolved. Could not get any support from them. They simply just don’t care so I started a new account and found I really wasn’t motivated for it. I have yet to fill out the profile and do pictures. I will get around to it when I update my linkedin. Linkedin does offer an interesting question. If ageism is freely practiced, does it make sense to install a picture? Anyway.

I did get some advice on returning to something. I played D&D a long time ago. Before the rules had level numbers. I was chatting with a guy on another game and after hearing my stories and my talking about my finest dungeon design; he suggested I return and look into hosting games. It seems most players these days simply want to play and not be a dungeon master. Possibilities? I did pick up a few of the rule books as things really changed. Who would have thought 10 foot poles would be a thing.

I am still looking at Python. I was studying for an exam and let it drop. I am going to pick that up again and then see about the professional exam.

I do need to pick up on the cloud stuff again. It’s easy to get rusty.

Anyway a post to get started again.