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iPad Pro and 13.1 no longer updates.

Saturday, September 28th, 2019

I updated my iPad Pro to 13.1 and found I can no longer get updates. Click Software Updates and you get:

Unable to Check for Update – An error occurred while checking for a software update.

Basic troubleshooting has failed:

  • Restart and Force restart
  • Reset Network.
  • Change DNS to google DNS.
  • Checked Apple Services.
  • Saw a note from somebody alleging Apple Care said there was no update for 13.1.1

I would use iTunes. The problem? The new cables don’t work with a Windows Laptop. Ordered a special cable (Amazon Basics). Will Try again once it arrives tomorrow.

*Update – 9/29/19*

This was a case of a magical fix. I ran the update last night and it worked. I am not so sure it was my iPad or my network as I was able to update my iPhone and watch.

Even though the status page was green; I wonder if something was disabled or overloaded? Oh well; cable will arrive today. Next time; I can test the iTunes approach.

At least the battery drain seems to have stopped or lessened…..


Adblock Plus now sells ads?

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

This used to be an add blocker but they have been positioning themselves as an advertiser preaching the nonsense of acceptable ads. It’s an old approach.  Present a new “service” and then start doing what was done before but you have people paying for it.  When cable TV first appeared, the big selling point was “ad free.” Once the base was established; it changed we are going to introduce ads so we don’t have to charge more. Now we pay for the privileged of getting ads.

Adblock at the moment doesn’t charge but in time there will be paid levels to “reduce” ads or better control them.

I am dumping them.

Look into uBlock origin. They have a link for an iOS 9 product and I know they have addons for Chrome and Firefox.



Apple Watch looks cool but…..

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Apple released it’s new watch and I must admit it looks interesting.  But when I heard the price, it started to loose my interest.

I decided I am going to pass on this for now.

The main reason is the old rule of not being an early adopter. Is there really “bragging rights” for being an early adopter? Experience has shown there will be new models that are better and cheaper later on.  Remember the first iPod? Then again, iPad really hasn’t dropped in price so maybe the same will be said for the watch?

Personal data is always an issue for me.  Everybody is out to get it and unfortunately the security world has shown it has a hard time keeping undesirables from getting at it.  Is iCloud secure now 😉  With a more paranoid view, could this type of thing quickly turn into “Hello this is your insurance company. We are going to raise your rates as we see that you are kind of lethargic and like to frequent fast food shops.”

Finally, there is the link to the iPhone.  You want email and other features; the iPhone has to be near.  Problem is much of the features are already available on the iPhone so is the convenience really just flicking your wrist rather then pulling out your iPhone?

Have we gotten that bad?

An iPad experiment on reducing paper usage.

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

In today’s world; under-staffing seems to be a business norm. This in turn causes a position to absorb other positions and create a need to track several things.

I had an epiphany one day while cleaning my messenger bag. I had a few note books, a few scratch pads, and my iPad. Like most people notebooks and scratch pads were for quick notes and meetings. While the iPad was for browsing, email and of course never for games *coughs*.

My bag always feels like it  increases in weight and I thought “Can’t i get rid of the paper?”

I decided to embark on an experiment to use the iPad as a note book and scratch pad.

The iPad is an iPad air basic edition without the cellular connection.

The issues:

1) A program to act as a notebook and possible scratch pad.

2) A program for a scratch pad in case I can’t find one for both.

3) A stylus which can write fine or medium point.

4) Do I need screen protection?

Preliminary research shows endless opinions on this topic and of course everybody has their own needs.

Mine are simple. I want to be able to write fine or medium point to take quick notes, notes in meetings and notes from research.  Drawing is not a requirement as when it is needed; detail tends to be light.

Next will entry will be the screen protection.