Apple Watch looks cool but…..

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Apple released it’s new watch and I must admit it looks interesting.  But when I heard the price, it started to loose my interest.

I decided I am going to pass on this for now.

The main reason is the old rule of not being an early adopter. Is there really “bragging rights” for being an early adopter? Experience has shown there will be new models that are better and cheaper later on.  Remember the first iPod? Then again, iPad really hasn’t dropped in price so maybe the same will be said for the watch?

Personal data is always an issue for me.  Everybody is out to get it and unfortunately the security world has shown it has a hard time keeping undesirables from getting at it.  Is iCloud secure now 😉  With a more paranoid view, could this type of thing quickly turn into “Hello this is your insurance company. We are going to raise your rates as we see that you are kind of lethargic and like to frequent fast food shops.”

Finally, there is the link to the iPhone.  You want email and other features; the iPhone has to be near.  Problem is much of the features are already available on the iPhone so is the convenience really just flicking your wrist rather then pulling out your iPhone?

Have we gotten that bad?


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