An iPad experiment on reducing paper usage.

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

In today’s world; under-staffing seems to be a business norm. This in turn causes a position to absorb other positions and create a need to track several things.

I had an epiphany one day while cleaning my messenger bag. I had a few note books, a few scratch pads, and my iPad. Like most people notebooks and scratch pads were for quick notes and meetings. While the iPad was for browsing, email and of course never for games *coughs*.

My bag always feels like it  increases in weight and I thought “Can’t i get rid of the paper?”

I decided to embark on an experiment to use the iPad as a note book and scratch pad.

The iPad is an iPad air basic edition without the cellular connection.

The issues:

1) A program to act as a notebook and possible scratch pad.

2) A program for a scratch pad in case I can’t find one for both.

3) A stylus which can write fine or medium point.

4) Do I need screen protection?

Preliminary research shows endless opinions on this topic and of course everybody has their own needs.

Mine are simple. I want to be able to write fine or medium point to take quick notes, notes in meetings and notes from research.  Drawing is not a requirement as when it is needed; detail tends to be light.

Next will entry will be the screen protection.


One comment on “An iPad experiment on reducing paper usage.

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