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Facebook Account taken over

Friday, February 19th, 2021

I recently lost my facebook account. I was suprised at Facebooks security response. It doesn’t exist.

There is the password change email message which could have saved my account. If you miss that, you are doomed as the link has a limited life span.

Don’t bother with the suggestions for handling a hacked account. They only work if the attacker doesn’t change anything. Just about all of them understand to change the email and the recovery options. Once that happens; their tools fail BADLY. If you go through the process you will end up with a message of we have no way to verify it’s you and it ends.

I am not sure why they think the personal accounts have no value. Example; I have been pondering setting up a business. Why would I use the Facebook business accounts if my own personal account is ignored?

I have tried contacting them several times. I filed reports. I even reached out to an ex-coworker. Nothing. No response.

One fascinating thing is they will respond to the community board posts. I replied to one guy who was complaining. It was deleted. I posted my own story and asked for help. It was deleted.

I did see a few of their people respond they take security seriously. The problem? They really don’t.

I haven’t given up yet. I would hate to loose what I had. So far it’s not looking good as I think FB is needed and they…..well….really don’t seem to care about it.