LSF will not re-install

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

There was a case were an LSF installation had to be reinstalled on a Windows 7 machine. We ran the uninstall and deleted the LSF folder from the C drive. However, when attempting the re-installation; we received a message about the LIM service already running for the cluster.

Checking the services; I found Platform LIM still listed. Normally you would also see Platform RES and Platform SBD.

The suggested solution was to re-install the system. This was not attractive as the build process takes time to configure and verify for production.

My first thought was the service was keeping the installation process from running. The question was how to remove it?

After a little search I found the sc command which allows you to use the command line to interact with the Service Control Manager and Services.

The command needed:  sc delete [service name]

Now what would be the service name? If you return back to the services interface and double-click Platform LIM, you will see the service name which is : LIM.

You can also use the sc command by entering: sc query | more

This will list all services. Look for Platform LIM and above it will be the service name.

After I found the service name; I entered:

sc delete LIM

The service went away and the LSF installation was successful.

Technet Documentation for sc delete.


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