Where is ctrl-alt-delete for remote desktop?

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

If you have worked with windows for a period of time, one of the most common used keyboard command sequences is ctrl-alt-del. In the old days, this was one of two solutions to fix many problems of Microsoft; reboot.

Nowadays, you would use it to start the task manager or lock the desktop.

Microsoft eventually blessed us with Remote Desktop. A great tool for remote access but there comes the time when you need ctrl-alt-del.  You enter it and quickly discover it only works for the local session.

For some reason, it was not obviously documented and I tend to forget it as I don’t use it that often. Probably because it doesn’t make sense. This option seems to be based on “whoops, forgot about that…..why don’t we just use…..”

To enter a remote ctrl-alt-del, you would enter:



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