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File \$WIN_NT$.~BT\halaacpi.dll could not be loaded. The error code is 14

Friday, April 6th, 2012

I had a request to setup Windows 2003 non R2 on an HP DL 360 G6.  I used the SmartStart CD version 8.7 for 32 bit operating systems.

The process ran through the basic setup, copied the files and on the first reboot, I found the following message:

File \$WIN_NT$.~BT\halaacpi.dll could not be loaded.

The error code is 14

An odd message since it basically means it’s out of memory and didn’t have enough storage to complete the operation.

A check on the Net; suggested using SmartStart 8.6.  But, I was rather surprised to find somebody at HP messed up as I received “file not found” messages on all the smartstart download links.  A few of the driver downloads would not work as well.  I verified this by accessing their ftp site and found files were missing.

I decided to try the R2 version of 2003.  I only used the first CD since it’s basically the original release and the second CD makes it R2.

This time the OS installed without issue.