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What is the iLO4 default password?

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Sometimes new server setups are missing the iLO configuration. A failed OS install is usually what discovers this problem and the question of the default password is asked.

For ilo4, you have to look at the toe tag on the server. The password does not have any similarity to the serial number as with previous versions of iLO.


Can’t install .net 3.5 on Windows 8 or 2012

Friday, October 31st, 2014

As Microsoft tries to make things easier; they sometimes cause problems with internal security policies. Like many companies, Windows Update has a few controls on it.

A few Windows 8 installations ran into a problem when they needed .Net 3.5. The update policies blocked the download of needed files for the Windows Features wizard to install it.

Luckily; there is a support note; that explains another method to install.

All that is needed is the DVD or an ISO of the operating system. I used an ISO. A nice new feature is the ability for a virtual drive. Simply copy the ISO, double-click it and and you have the ISO mounted.

After that start an admin level CMD and use the DISM command to install .Net 3.5.

DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFx3 /All /LimitAccess /Source:<Virtual drive letter>:\sources\sxs

It will run for a couple minutes and it didn’t require a reboot.

File \$WIN_NT$.~BT\halaacpi.dll could not be loaded. The error code is 14

Friday, April 6th, 2012

I had a request to setup Windows 2003 non R2 on an HP DL 360 G6.  I used the SmartStart CD version 8.7 for 32 bit operating systems.

The process ran through the basic setup, copied the files and on the first reboot, I found the following message:

File \$WIN_NT$.~BT\halaacpi.dll could not be loaded.

The error code is 14

An odd message since it basically means it’s out of memory and didn’t have enough storage to complete the operation.

A check on the Net; suggested using SmartStart 8.6.  But, I was rather surprised to find somebody at HP messed up as I received “file not found” messages on all the smartstart download links.  A few of the driver downloads would not work as well.  I verified this by accessing their ftp site and found files were missing.

I decided to try the R2 version of 2003.  I only used the first CD since it’s basically the original release and the second CD makes it R2.

This time the OS installed without issue.