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Job Hunt Tip: Make sure your camera is covered

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

There are interviews which are simply just not meant to be.

Such was the case for me and a certain storage company. I have an old Dell laptop and needed to do an interview. No problem! Just install webex.

Righhhhht. When the webex started; I forgot the defaults were in play so up popped my camera. Luckily I had cleaned up.

However, I decided to use my “man cave” and that’s were things went bad. I wondered why the manager (a female) said I was echoing and needed to kill my camera.

Later, on I did a simple check and found the issues. I am a fan of anime; on the back wall was a couple cloth posters of anime girls. Add in my weapons (a couple swords, axe and a Highland targe and rounded off with a large stack of books.

After that I figured the interview was toast. Didn’t even get a thank you but no thank you rejection.

The dumb things we do.