BHIST command windows returns an NFS path.

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

A windows user testing out LSF reported an error message when trying the bhist command:

/remote/lsf/work/<farm name>/logdir/ No such file or directory

This looks odd but is expected as there was a configuration option missing and the command was defaulting to what the master host had configured. The master in this situation is a Linux host.

To fix this; you simply need to add an option to the conf file on your LSF setup on windows:

LSB_SHAREDIR=”\\<windows server>\lsf\work”

Note: we use netapp filers to house our log files, etc.

Restart the LIM, RES, and SBD services and the command will work.

Note: It did take a little to respond.  Might be the way it works but the command wasn’t even used until this incident.  I may research it if somebody complains.


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