Learning is a never ending adventure

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

If you are lucky to have a company which will pay for professional training, count your blessings. All to often, there is little or no budget for such things. Add in the mentality of “if we train them, they will leave!” pretty well eliminates professional training.

To remain employed, you always have to stay current and read and play with new things as much as possible.

As the year is coming to the end, people start making predictions as to what will be the hot knowledge for the next year.

Such is the case with this blog entry. And of course, I have my viewpoints. 😉

Migration to the Cloud is going to remain the effort as the reduction of IT people seems to be on many peoples minds. Many will try to fight it. Having survived a couple of reduction efforts, I advise all to embrace it and get involved if at all possible. It doesn’t matter, it’s a leaky sieve in matters of security. Companies will attempt it and declare it a success no matter the result. I would like to get involved with the Cloud; however, at the moment I don’t have access.

As to Powershell;if you work in the windows world, you are are foolish not to know it. I have finally started playing with it and now wish I had started awhile ago. It’s fun and it makes life easier!

IPv6; we have heard about it for a long time. It’s will start appearing! Just recently, Microsoft announced it ran out of IPv4 addresses for Azure. I expect other companies to run into the same problem.

Security is a good thing to understand. I don’t know if we are changing to a security minded world as some of the hype is motivated by the recent examples of security failures. It may be the start of a trend or it could very well be the usual fad and get reduced in effort as events die down and security starts being a massive expense. The security world is a certain type of mindset. It would be good to talk to a few people before deciding this will get you a job as with the glut of IT workers awhile ago. Many people working but many didn’t have the aptitude.

Compliance is rather boring for me. Not something I would want a career.

Vmware and Hyper-V are are mentioned but I am wondering if virtualization is becoming one of those expected skills but will not do much for you. I have used vmware and am currently getting ready to play with a Hyper-V cluster.

Office 365 and Google apps are growing. I can see this being a good thing to know especially when I hear more and more arguments of why do volume license when you can basically rent what you need? I am considering looking into Google Apps certification.

Time to start reading and setting up test environments!



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