Powershell editor

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

I sometimes get asked for suggestions for a Powershell editor.   Probably the biggest and best  is Sapiens Primalscript.  But with all the abilities and power; this means a bigger price tag. There is also an expectation of upgrades.  I let mine go too long and was told I had to purchase new.  😦

I also find many people are looking for a free editor.  Microsoft has a page of suggested editors on Technet.

As mentioned I have used Primalscript and recommend it if you have the money to invest.

I have used the one that comes with Powershell and it’s ok if you are starting out.

I have used the GUI version and found it’s ok for most things.

I am now starting to “play around” with Admin Script Editor.  The page shows it’s a purchased package but this is no longer the case.  The company closed shop but they made the last version free to people who use the itninja site.





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