Display Windows 8 Administrative tools

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

The new Metro interface of windows 8 can be intimidating at first.  Especially, when all the usual tools are missing. They aren’t missing just hidden or in a different place.

One such set of tools are the old Administrative tools.  These can be enabled and will show up as their own set of tiles.

To display administrative tools:

  1. Move the cursor to the upper/lower right part of the screen and click Settings.
  2. Under settings; click Tiles
  3. You will see Show Administrative Tools and under that it will read No
  4. Click the bar to the right of no which will move the slider to the other side and No will change to Yes
  5. Click anywhere on the Metro field which will close the menu and the tiles for Administrative Tools will appear.

This will cover most needs as you test out Windows 8. Once you are comfortable, you can of course change the display back and create your own set of tiles for tools you frequently use.


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