How to check physical RAM size with Redhat

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Company acquisitions always create “fun” when it comes to incorporating their usable equipment into the network.  The question of RAM will always get asked as small companies don’t always purchase large amounts of RAM for workstations and servers.

If you have a Redhat system and need to know the amount of physical ram, you can always look at meminfo.

Simply log into the system in question and enter : cat /proc/meminfo

The first two lines will answer your memory questions.

$ cat /proc/meminfo

 MemTotal:      16407060 kB
 MemFree:       12975592 kB
 Buffers:         228412 kB
 Cached:         2772496 kB
 SwapCached:           0 kB
 Active:         1248472 kB
 Inactive:       1927324 kB
 HighTotal:            0 kB
 HighFree:             0 kB
 LowTotal:      16407060 kB
 LowFree:       12975592 kB
 SwapTotal:      8385920 kB
 SwapFree:       8385920 kB
 Dirty:              236 kB
 Writeback:            0 kB
 Mapped:          203428 kB
 Slab:            221056 kB
 CommitLimit:   16589448 kB
 Committed_AS:    343556 kB
 PageTables:        7692 kB
 VmallocTotal: 536870911 kB
 VmallocUsed:     267100 kB
 VmallocChunk: 536603263 kB
 HugePages_Total:      0 kB
 HugePages_Free:       0 kB
 Hugepagesize:      2048 kB



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