What do the color buttons mean on Microsoft Office communicator?

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Every once in awhile I will get a question about what do the color buttons mean with MOC?

There presence buttons serve to tell you the availability status for MOC sessions. The common colors seen are red, green, yellow, green-yellow and redish-white(kind of a pink?).

Red – This means do not disturb. It is manually set or appears when a user is has a scheduled event in the outlook calendar.

Green – The user is available for chat.

Yellow – This means away or out of office. This can happen when a user sets it, the office assistant was set, or more often the computer was idle for 15 minutes.

Green-Yellow – The person might be available. This happens when the user’s system has been idle for five minutes (default).

White with Red hue – The person is not available. This can happen if the person configured it or communicator is not running.

 These are the basics and  I have found most people figure this out on their own. If a person want’s to read more about it, there is a Presence Survival Guide provided by Microsoft.


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