Windows 2003 NTP sync looses 1 hour

Monday, March 26th, 2012

I have a new server running windows 2003 R2 to support legacy software.

The server sits in a secured room which does not have access to the Internet. As such it was installed by DVD.

The operating system included service pack 2.

When it came time to configure NTP(we have an internal clock), the time would adjust one hour backwards.

I checked the the following:

  1. Time Zone.  Correct
  2. Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes is checked. Correct
  3. The BIOS clock.  Correct
  4. The time server is accessible. Correct.
  5. Patch levels.  Possible problem.

I remembered the time when the government decided to extend daylight savings time and decided a patch was missing.

I searched the Microsoft site and found KB955839

I installed the patch and my time synchronization was correct.

Lesson of the day: Don’t assume the service pack has all needed patches.


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