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Solaris network link information

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Though Solaris is slowly disappearing(at least at my current company), there are still legacy machines which will remain and sometimes you have to debug them especially over network speed. Solaris has a legacy of having problems with auto-negoting.  Sometimes you may think you are running full-duplex and you are not.

If you have access to the network switch, it’s easy to check. If you don’t you have to rely on solaris commands.

The NDD command will give you configuration information on the interface.

For example:
# ndd /dev/bge0 link_duplex
# ndd /dev/bge0 link_autoneg
# ndd /dev/bge0 link_status
# ndd /dev/bge0 link_speed

Here duplex is full with auto-negotiating off and the link is down.

NDD can do much more but I only needed to check the interface settings.


Excel can’t paste formatted text.

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

I had an odd excel issue today.  My co-worker asked if I had seen a situation where you loose the ability to paste formatted text to a spreadsheet.

I had a look at his office 2010 setup and nothing obvious was missing and there were no error messages to suggest a problem.

I right-clicked a cell and selected “Paste Special..” and found the only option left was unicode text.

Even though I knew it would not solve it; I ran a repair on office.

I checked around the Net and found a few suggestions to edit the cells via vba through the alt-F11 command but they did not solve the problem.

I searched the Microsoft site and found an article  about the clipboard loosing the ability for format pasting.

The problem seems to center around the use of Skype’s Click to Call.

This seemed odd but we tried disabling it on the browser and the add-ons for Excel and Word. The problem remained.

We ended up uninstalling Click to Call and after restarting the browser and Excel; we found the ability for formatted pasting had returned.

Lesson of the day: The integrated clipboard can cause problems after installing new software.

RIP Jack Tramiel

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012


The great Commodore founder died.  Another legend is gone. 

I remember learning basic and playing archon on one.

Loading via cassette took forever. Ahhh the old days.